Weatherproofing Kit

Weatherproofing Kit

Mini Weatherproofing Kit, includes 6 Butyl Tape Rolls, 2 Electrical Tape Rolls, and 1 Fat Tape Roll


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Weatherproofing Kit for Connectors and Antennas
The kit is designed for insulating and moisture sealing to antenna cables and connectors. These include moisture penetration and loosening of connections from vibrations caused by strong winds.

Conformable for application over irregular surfaces
Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations
Flexible over wide temperature range
Excellent weather and moisture resistance
Excellent adhesion and sealing characteristics with copper, aluminum and power cable jacket materials
Thick construction allows quick application build–up and padding over irregular connections
Self–fusing tape
UL Listed Tape

Kit includes the following items:
(6) Rolls of Butyl Rubber Tape 2-1/2′ x 24″
(2) Rolls of Electrical Tape 3/4″ X 66′
(1) Roll of Fat Electrical Tape 2″ X 20′

Additional information

Weight1.83 lbs
Dimensions7.25 × 2.25 × 1.5 in