Hoisting Grip, 3/8" Pre-Laced

Hoisting Grip, 3/8" Pre-Laced

Hoisting Grip, 3/8″ Pre-Laced


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Hoisting grips provide an effective means for hoisting coax cable and elliptical waveguide into position. Grips can be used to provide additional support once in place.

Pre-Laced hoisting grips offer a closed-mesh design which simplifies installation over traditional split, lace-up style grips. This design allows the pre-laced hoisting grip to slip over an unterminated end of a coax cable. The grip securely tightens when pulled, providing an effective means to hoist coax into position, while providing additional support for the coax once in place. Use Pre-Laced Grips for cable runs that have not yet been terminated with connectors.

Pre-Laced Hoisting Grip
304 Stainless Steel
For cable attachment and support to tower.
Instructions, grip and clamp included.

Safe Load 40 kg
Break Load 200 kg