Hoisting Grip, 1/2" Lace-Up

Hoisting Grip, 1/2" Lace-Up

Hoisting Grip, 1/2″ Lace-Up


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Hoisting grips provide an effective means for hoisting coax cable and elliptical waveguide into position. Grips can be used to provide additional support once in place.

Lace-Up design allows the hoisting grip to be attached even when the run has been connectorized, and it facilitates easy positioning at 200 feet (61 m) increments on long coax runs. Use Lace-Up Grips for cable runs that are already terminated with connectors.

304 Stainless steel
For cable attachment and support to tower.
Includes instructions, clamp, grip and lace.

Safe Load 40 kg
Break Load 200 kg

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Weight0.11 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 in