Silver Galvanizing Compound Spray

Silver Galvanizing Compound Spray

Silver Galvanizing Compound Spray Paint, 14 oz


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Silver Galvanizing Compound is a sacrificial coating that inhibits rust and corrosion to ferrous metals. An excellent fast drying touch-up for repair of galvanized substrates. This metallic coating has the bright finish of hot-dip galvanized coating.

Refineries, wrought iron, welds, power plants, fences, farm equipment, gutters, automotive, bridges, marine, nuclear facilities, highway maintenance, structural steel, transmission towers, damaged and galvanized surfaces.

Hot-dip appearance
VOC & MIR compliant
Dry to rouch in 30 minutes
Dry heat and chemical resistant

Packaging Aerosol
% Solids 28%
% Zinc Dry Film 69%
Base Type Alkyd
Color Silver
Consistency Liquid
Dry to Handle – Low 60 Minutes
Recoat Window 2 TO 16 HOURS OR AFTER 36 HOURS
Sheen Medium Gloss
Specific Gravity 0.87
Viscosity (Centistokes) 14
Size 14 oz Can

Additional information

Weight1.15 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 8 in